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9 Rites of the Munay-Ki

In this training, you will receive the original nine rites of the Munay-Ki.  These rites are energetic initiations that upgrade and heal your luminous self at the level of your DNA.  


You receive a connection to a lineage of healers from the past, that will help in your own journey of personal transformation. This rite opens the healing power that exists in your hands and activates your healing touch. As you work with your healing lineage you will begin to find healing of the wounds of the past and of your ancestors.


This right weaves five luminous bands into your energy field that protect you from negative energy coming toward you.  They filter and break down the negative energies and turn them into energies that strengthen your field rather than making you unwell.


This rite connects you to the energy of the four animal archetypes of the four directions, serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle.  These archetypes are seeded into your 4 lower chakras. Your 3 higher chakras are connected to archetypes that help harmonize you at the unconscious, conscious and super-conscious levels.


This rite installs pathways of light that connect your visual cortex with your third eye and heart chakra. Your inners sense of clairvoyance is opened and you are able to better perceive the invisible world of spirit and energy.  


This rite connects you with the vibration of Angels, Archangel and healing masters from the past. As a Daykeeper, you are able to call on these helpers to bring balance to the earth, and to help bring humanity into balance with Mother Earth. You are also empowered to heal your feminine energy and move beyond fear to a place of peace.


This rite connects you to a lineage of luminous teachers from the past and the future. With this rite, you begin to bring your masculine energy into balance so that you can be more proactive and bold in living your purpose as a healer in your every daily life.


With this rite, you begin to connect with the Archangels who protect and have stewardship of all life on Earth. This rite also empowers you in healing the earth and dreaming your ideal life into being.


This rite helps your physical body begin to slow down the aging process as your DNA is re-informed and you begin to evolve into homo luminous. You become more restistant to disease and become anchored into a future time that is beyond the current tumultous changes taking place.


With this rite, you begin to awaken to a sense of stewardship of all creation as your co creator light is activated.  You feel connection to all creations, whether it is the tiniest grain of sand or a major cluster of galaxies. .