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Chakra Basics

There are many definitions of what Chakras are and how they function. As more people become aware of the subtle energies of the chakras and the significant roles they play in balancing our physical, mental and spiritual health, the more the definitions broaden.

To keep it simple, chakras are basically explained as energy centers in our bodies. The word chakras comes from an old Sanskrit word that means “wheel”, “circle” and “cycle”. It describes the motion of the vital life force energy at these points on the body.

Life force energy otherwise known as Prana flows into the body through these points and is used by the body to maintain form, life-force and well-being. The seven chakras correspond to the seven main nerve ganglia and are responsible for regulating physiological processes and organ functions as well as psychological processes such as our emotions and behavior.

The seven major chakras present in the body are the root chakra, naval chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Each of the chakras has specific qualities that correspond to the level of consciousness it represents and the needs, emotions and thinking it represents.

The lower three chakras are more dense in nature and correspond with basic needs and core emotions. They also vibrate at a lower frequency than the four upper chakras. The higher chakras correlate with a higher mental state, aspirations and ideals. Each chakra has a different color associated with it. They each vibrate at a different frequency and the color of the energy represents this. In healing and balancing the chakras, the colors play a significant role and they represent the electromagnetic waves being emitted.

Each chakra point is connected to bundles of nerves and organs in the body. Each chakra is also connected to different aspects of our lives and influence our behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. When they are balanced and harmonious, our bodies function better, our emotions are more balanced and we see the world in a way that empowers us. We also have better emotional, mental and physical health.

When the energy is blocked and the chakra is unable to rotate and move normally, it’s energy flow is then out of balance. This results in emotional, mental, physical and overall health issues and problems. The parts of our lives connected with the chakra will also start to have problems.

An imbalanced or blocked chakra keeps energy from flowing properly through our bodies and in the different areas of our lives. This results in relationship problems, health issues, inability to experience an abundant life and have overreaching consequences in every area of your life.

The best way to prevent this is to understand and balance each chakra so that they are kept in balance and with the energy flowing in an optimal way so that they are creating a balanced and harmonized energy field. This translates into a better life all around.

We become aligned with our highest potential as a person when our chakras and energetic fields are balanced. We also begin to embody a higher level of awareness and consciousness. This causes us to see things in more balanced ways and we are able to improve our lives and make better life decisions.

Each chakra is connected with certain organs and systems of the body. They are also connected to our level of awareness which directly impacts our perceptions, thoughts, emotions and actions. If the energy flow is disrupted in a chakra, it causes that chakra to be out of balance and in a state of disharmony with the other chakras and the auric field. This will negatively impact our physical, mental and emotional health. It will also indirectly cause negative issues in our abundance, relationships, and other crucial areas of life.

There are many ways to balance and clear the chakras. Some of these include having a regular meditation, exercise, yoga, and/or tai chi practice. The use of crystals and regular energy healing sessions are also an excellent way to bring the chakras back into alignment and to keep them harmonized.