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Reiki I

Course Outline

Basics of Energy Healing

History of Reiki

Reiki Principles

Your Energy System and Health

The Seven Chakras

Grounding And Why You Need To

Channeling Energy

Basics of working with animals

Reiki 1 Attunement

Using a Reiki Box for manifesting goals and healing

Learn self-healing methods and how to transmit Reiki

Intro to shamanic practices and establishing sacred space

Integration of Shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space through journeying

Opening to the healing forces of the earth and the elements

This class is usually taught on a Saturday and the price is $160

Reiki 2

Course Outline

Different ways to use Reiki

The Reiki power symbols

The Reiki Pillars (meditations and mudras)

Reiki Distance Healing and how to perform distance sessions

Reiki and Past lives

Using Reiki to manifest goals

Sending Reiki to the past and future

Using Reiki to heal addictions and trauma

Using Reiki for PTSD and other conditions

Using Reiki with animals and nature

Reiki 2 Attunement

Performing a Reiki Session

Using Reiki with other healing modalities

Shamanic Tools for Removing and Transforming Energetic Intrusions,

Removing Deleterious Energetic Cords

Shifting the Energy of Past Events

Shifting Energetic Blocks

This class is usually taught on a Sunday and the cost is $160.00

Advanced Reiki Training Level 3

This class is for Reiki II students who are ready to learn more advanced techniques and to take your practice to the next level.

This is another step of preparation for the Master Level and attunement.

Here is a partial list of some of the topics that we hope to cover during our healing time together:

Working with Reiki Crystal Grids

Dai Ko Myo moving meditation

Chakra Balancing

Using Reiki with Crystals

Advanced Reiki Techniques


Aura clearing and psychic surgery

The violet breath

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Empowerment Rites

Reiki III Attunement

This class is usually taught on a Saturday or Sunday and the cost is $180.00

Reiki Master Level

Partial Course Outline

 Connecting With Your Guides

Energy Extractions and cord cutting

Soul Retrieval

Healing the Chakras

Working with Karmic law

Self-Healing and Self Mastery

Review of the usage of Reiki 2 symbols

Learning to give attunements

Shamanic Empowerments

Reiki Master symbols and usages

Reiki Master Attunement Ceremony

This class is usually taught on a Saturday or Sunday and the cost is $180.00

Money Reiki 1

Level 1 Course Description

Founder Stephanie Brail

Symbols Yes

About this system:

Due to the acceleration of events and the serious nature of the economic challenges we face, a new Money Reiki energy has been brought in to provide support during these times.This is not said to frighten you, but to help you navigate through the transition times with greater ease and purpose. These new Money Reiki energies may not take your challenges completely away from you, but they will give you tools to better handle the challenges. The energy of Money Reiki for a New Reality is thus designed for weathering the global transition from the old energy to the new energy of money.

It works on three levels:


Provides a protective shift to allow personal prosperity in the midst of collective financial stress. Helps create a bubble of prosperity around you and clears personal issues with money.


Heals collective money issues and karma with family, friends, ancestors, your work colleagues, etc


Helps shift the money energy of the planet into a sustainable form of conscious capitalism.

Money Reiki Master Level

 Course Description

Must be a Reiki Master and have previously taken Money Reiki Level 1 to attend this class.

Money Reiki is a new system of Reiki that is here to help you and the planet with money issues. Money Reiki is about the Spiritual Energy of Money.

Here’s what that means:

Taking the Money Reiki Master Level is committing yourself to a new life. If you've been putting off your life's purpose, you may find that ignoring your calling is going to become very, very hard for you to do from now on.

Money Reiki is not about manifesting large sums of cash quickly It's more than that. It's a transformative energy that is here to help make the planet a place where everyone can live lives of abundance, contributing their own unique talents and abilities, and following their life purpose.

Money Reiki goes deep into the roots of your money issues. This process is challenging and worth it. This energy will work with you on a very personalized level to clear your financial blockages and help move you into your life's purpose.

Money Reiki Practitioner Level II Master Level

In this course you will learn how to use Money Reiki energies, including performing treatments, giving financial blessings, and passing attunements. Includes manual in PDF format, practitioner attunement, and a certificate.

Money Reiki Grand Master Level

Course Description

Must be a Reiki Master and have previously taken Money Reiki Level 1 and Money Reiki Master to attend this class.

At the Grand Master level, we are building on the foundations created with level 1 and 2. 

In this level we go deeper into clearing out the patterns and karmic cycles we have been stuck in when it comes to money.

Clearing will become an important part of your money reiki practice. 

You will begin the process of releasing

Bad Financial Karma

Negative Energies You Generate Around Money

Negative Energies Directed at You From Others

Negative Entities and Thought Forms

Curses, Hexes, and Spells

Energy Vampires (toxic people)

Financial Baggage

Bad Habits

Self-Sabotage and Resistance


Money Reiki Practitioner Level III Grand Master Level

In this course you will learn how to use Money Reiki energies, to perform advanced clearings with the assistance of your guides. Includes manual in PDF format, practitioner attunement, and a certificate.