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Munay-Ki Rites Training

We are in a time of great transformation.  Some of us feel called to embrace our healing gifts to make a difference during these times of change.  Ancient shamans predicted this unprecedented time and that a new kind of human would begin to appear on the planet.  This new type of person has the ability to deeply connect with their soul self and reach high states of enlightenment, health, freedom, empowerment and well being.  If you feel that this is you, then these rites are a great way to help you reach this potential.  

These rites help raise your vibration so you can be more connected to your potential and release anxiety, fear, stress, anger and other low vibrational emotional states that can keep you stuck and trapped and not living the life you dream of having.  With these rights, you claim your stewardship over the earth as a healer and protector and begin to embrace your purpose in making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.  

As you embrace the rites of the Munay-Ki, you begin to dream a new world into being.  The initiation process that occurs helps clear the blockages in your luminous energy field and connects you more deeply to your soul purpose and higher self.  You are then empowered to heal the wounds or your past, as well as your karmic and ancestral wounds.  Your transformation begins at the level of your DNA, allowing you to have new light codes to grow a new body that heals, ages and dies differently.  

Your chakra system gains the possibility of becoming a clear rainbow body that makes you glow with your authentic energetic radiance.  As your luminous self becomes more orderly and harmonized, you gain greater ability to access your intuitive gifts and experience the subtle realms of other dimensions with more clarity and purpose.  Your energetic boundaries are upgraded, repaired and strengthened, causing you to be less vulnerable to the negative energies of other people or of negative environments.