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Focused mediation is defined as a state of mind in which you focus on a certain object that enables you to practice your attention in a single thing – something like a word or a phrase, a geometrical figure, a candle flame, or simple actions such as inhale and exhale. 

We all experience a stress in our lives.  We can experience stress from work, family issues or social interactions with individuals you meet.

With Mindfulness Meditation, you will embark in achieving an awareness of your cognitive perceptions. Becoming aware of these cognitive perceptions can help you to relieve stress by realizing that most of our stress is coming from perceptions that are disempowering and unconscious.  Generally, the stress you encounter has less to do with what you experience and more to do with how you perceive and interpret life's events at a mostly unconscious level.  

The following are techniques developed over for Meditation and obtaining more mindful awareness:

  •  Repeating 3 meaningful words or phrases.
  •  Mindful awareness of the present moment.
  •  Counting your breath
  • Paying attention to the flow of sensations in your body.
  •  Cultivation of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and other healing emotions.
  • Concentration on geometric shape or other visual objects.
  •  Visualizations of a peaceful place of healing energy or entity.
  •  Reading and reflecting upon inspirational or sacred writings.
  •  Gazing at a picture of a holy being or a saint.
  • Chanting praises to the Divine.

. To help you find the motivation to begin a mindfulness and meditation practice, here are some of the benefits:

  •  Stronger focus and Concentration.
  •  Reduced tension, anxiety, and stress.
  •  Clear thinking and less emotional turmoil.
  •  Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  •  Support in kicking addictions and other self-defeating behaviors.
  •  Greater creativity and enhanced performance in work and play.
  • Increased self-understanding and self-acceptance.
  • More joy, love, and spontaneity.
  • Greater intimacy with friends and family members.
  •  Deeper sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Glimpses of a spiritual dimension of being.

Looking at these great benefits, you may see the value that they hold for you. You can also experience contentment during your regular meditation practices after you diminish your stress, improve your health and feel the greater well – being. 

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Physiological Benefits

Through Mindfulness Meditation, our mind starts to think less and to be able to focus on a single detail creating calmness, therefore:

Making our heart decrease its rate.

Lowering our blood pressure in normal and moderately hypertensive individuals.

Recovering fast from stress.

Increasing in Alpha rhythms.

Enhancing synchronizations of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Reducing cholesterol levels.

Decreasing on consumption of energy and need for oxygen.

Deepening and slower breathing.

Relaxing of muscles.

Reducing the intensity of pain.

Increases exercise tolerance.

Normalizing the ideal weight.

Increasing the chance of prevention to asthmatic diseases.

Harmonizing the endocrine system.

Producing lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity.

Psychological Benefits

Enhancing self-creativity and self-actualization.

Heightening the perceptual clarity and sensitivity.

Reducing both acute and chronic anxiety.

Experiencing a lot of happiness and peace of mind.

Decreasing of emotional reactivity and turmoil; fewer intense negative emotions and dramatic mood swings.

Increases empathy.

Develops Intuition.

Increased Productivity.

Helps with focus and concentration.

Increases serotonin level.

Increase brain wave coherence.

Develops will power.

Purifies character.

Helps cure insomnia.

Less aggressiveness.

Reduce road rage.

Develops emotional maturity.

Increased Job satisfaction.

React more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.

Greater tolerance.

Higher intelligence growth rate.

Increase listening skills.

Helps make more accurate judgments.

Gives composures to act in considered and constructive ways.

More Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Other Great Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Awakening to the Present Moment

Often we rush through things and forget to enjoy the beauty of the present moment which is happening right now. We anticipate the next problem or getting through a task or waiting for another great thing to happen. Being mindful helps us to slow down and learn the lesson of how to live in the present moment and enjoy it. The past is important is just a memory and the future is still a fantasy , projected in the movie screen of the mind at the moment.

Knowing the Real You

Mindfulness Meditation is teaching us self-acceptance and awareness. We can tend to forget our value and sometimes self-doubt and self-hatred comes blocks us from truly seeing our worth. When we meditate, we try to reduce the negative energy brought by bad decisions, and learn the process of self-forgiveness and self-love. When we are more self aware and self loving, we experience happier moods and more positive vibes that strengthen our optimism and self esteem.


As you grow to accept yourself, you find your heart opening more to your family and friends. It's easier to love and accept them without reservation or expectations. Mindfulness helps us to let go of competition and other mindsets that create disharmony and separation. We become more capable of wholeheartedly, creating intimacy, concern, and a deepening the meaning of love.

Increase in Appreciation, Love and Gratitude.

When we practice meditation and mindfulness, we embrace a new way of being and see the world through fresh eyes. Our mind becomes more orderly and organized which leads us to opening up our emotional state of being in a very positive way. Through meditation, we begin to release judgment and aversion, and become more appreciative of others. We feel love and gratitude more freely.

Finding your true purpose.

When we close our eyes and make ourselves relaxed, we can find our source of purpose in life. We can get in touch with our conscious awareness and find the answers to all of our questions. We start to navigate using our thoughts and search for things that may somehow aid us to accomplish our goals.