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The Benefits of Meditation

If you have ever found yourself struggling to meditate, the issue might be in your approach or the way you think about meditation somewhere in your mind.  If the style of meditation you are trying isn't right for you or you have some outdated ideas on what meditation has to look like, it will prevent you from creating a practice that is easy to fit into your life.  Meditation is an important and life changing tool that can help us to understand what is holding us back so we can move forward. 

It can be utilized in so many amazing ways. And for those who are concerned that they just can’t sit still long enough for meditation to help them may be surprised to find that there are actually forms of meditation that function based on the movements of the body and getting proper exercise.

Many people don’t realize that there are so many ways that you can meditate. To begin with, mindfulness meditation has benefits for those who have experienced past trauma and have a hard time staying present. Loving kindness meditation is also a good way to help those with past trauma, and can help to instill a sense of self confidence and self awareness, as well as compassion for yourself and for those around you.

Kundalini yoga meditations and zen yoga, are great tools for balancing the body and mind. Guided meditations can also be incredibly useful, especially for beginners to meditation. 

You can also just find activities that contain the elements of meditation or begin to include these elements in your day to day activities.  Once you master these, you can open up your practice to the more disciplined approaches.  

The elements of meditation are focused attention, relaxed breathing, 

a quiet setting, a comfortable position, relaxed body

with good posture and an open attitude, letting thoughts pass through your mind without getting hung up on them or judging them.  

Here are some of the benefits of meditation

Learning to see stressful situations in new ways

Gaining new skills and resources to deal with stress and negative emotions

More awareness of self

Being focused in the present moment

Feeling grounded and stable

Letting go of negative emotions

Accessing your imagination and creativity more

Having a lower resting heart rate

Having lower blood pressure

Getting better sleep and reducing insomnia

Having more patience and tolerance for others

Greater ability to manage depression, anxiety, sleep problems

More mental elasticity

More control over unconscious processes

Research also indicates it can help manage and lessen the symptoms from these conditions




Chronic pain


Heart disease

Hypertension/high blood pressure



Tension headaches